Saurus Barrel Fermented

The most elegant and distinguished flashes identify this line label wines you saw the exotic charm of the Patagonia. With an original recipe ancestral roots are achieved highlight unique features that captivate the most discerning palate. These red wines fermented in barrel, after discarding the skins and seeds, unlike traditional ways, providing fresh acidity and a fair balance with wood. In the cellar Barrel Fermented Saurus makes his bet to creativity and innovation and test new styles, new technical models and types Masaya oak.
All details are expressed dedicated-mind on the label that reflects the intimacy of the process and composition: range, quarter, year, plot, clone, harvest date, start and end date of breeding, date of bottling and number of bottle, along with the signature of the winemaker, Leonardo Puppato. This version is notable for its development based on clonal selections of vines imported from Italy, unique in the region. In the case of Pinot Noir, initial cold maceration is short and the fermentation and aging takes about 6 months. Then stow bottled and not less than 6 months.
For Malbec, maceration lasts between 4 and 5 days in cold and fermentation and aging reach 8 months in new oak.