Saurus Extra Brut

Distinguished and elegant as a exoponente emerga the Patagonia onquieta and overflowing. With a rapid flow inspired fine bubble clusters selected Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Saurus Patagonia Extra Brut, proud and glamorous, refers to purity streams flowing between the ice and allowed recognized for its successful estripe quality and Patagonia.

This sparkling shows a palid-yellow color with silver glints, and very fine and persistent bubbles. To the nose is fruity, elegant and very complex, featuringdistinctive toasted bread and smoky aromas. The mouth-feel is also fruity, with an excellent acidity, good body and a long finish.


Alcohol: 12,4% Vol.
Total Acidity: 6.29 G/L in tartaric
Residual Sugar: 7.98 G/L
Production: 12000 cases x 6 bottles
WINEMAKER, Leonardo Puppato


Must extraction with a pneumatic press. 48 hours later, removal of the lees and addition of enzymes helped with cold. Addition of selected yeasts and fermentation during 15 days obtaining a low-alcoholic basic wine. Interaction with lees during a year. Induction of the second fermentation of the different blends by adding additional sugar and selected yeasts. Fermentation at low temperatures (between 14 and 15°C) in tanks. Keep sur lees for 3 months. Addition of liqueur d’expédition, cold stabilization an bottling with isobarometric line. 3 months store.