H. Schroeder Brut Rosé

The elegance of this sparkling arises from the quality of its grapes. Its character is expressed in its delicate pink colour, fine and persistent bubbles and red fruit aromas. An attractive and sensual sparkling for those in the quest for distinction through excellence.

Elegant pink salmon colour sparkling, with fine and persistent bubbles.
To the nose, delicate floral and red fruits aromas are combined with yeasty scents. Fruity mouthfeel with very good volume and intensity.


Alcohol: 12,8% VOL
Total acidity: 6.60 G/L in tartaric
Ph: 3,15
Sugar: 13.10 G/L
Annual Production: Limited edition of 7.820 bottles
Winemaker: Lic. Leonardo Puppato


A base wine of low alcohol is used, product of a must obtained from pressing whole clusters and fermented at low temperatures (14 to 15°).
Second fermentation is done in the traditional way, adding liqueur de tirage and selected yeasts (sacharomyces bayanus) Once the fermentation isfinished, the sparkling is kept sur lees at low temperatures between 8 to 10 months with periodic movement of the lees and tastings.
Addition of liqueur d’expedition and bottling to store the wine at controlled temperatures before release.