Deseado Rosé

In search of pleasure in its most distinguished and cherished expression I Desire arises, the result of the perfect combination of Torrontés grape clusters and Patagonia authentic character. Calculated using a single fermentation of grape juice directly achieves seduced by its fruity aroma and floral typical of Torrontes. It is distinguished as fresh, sweet and to have excellent acidity that gives vitality. In the country there are very few wines made with this method, which calls for expertise and fine knowledge. For its innovative character and its ability to captivate palates has become an emblem of the winery for consumers hungry for new proposals.

A view is a very attractive pink sparkling, bright and with very fine bubbles. The nose is complex, aromas of red fruits, quinces and flowers are combined. The palate is sweet, fruity, good acidity and good volume.


Alcohol: 9,2 % VOL
Total acidity: 6,65 G/L en tartárico
Ph: 3,09
Residual Sugar: 56,50 G/L
Production: 10.000 cajas x 6 botellas
Winemaker, Leonardo Puppato


Extracting the must with a pneumatic press, and budding to 48 hours with added enzymes and helps cool. Transfer to factory foaming placement autoclave (resistant to high pressure tank), selected yeasts. Maintaining temperatures between 14 and 15 ° C for 15 days fermentation first open and then sealed to achieve a pressure of around 6 kg. Cessation of fermentation with cold (-3) to leave the natural sugar in the must in about 70 g / l and obtain a natural foaming first fermentation. Save on lees for 1.5 months. Fractionated isobaric filling and stowage 3 months in bottle