Brut Nature

A view is a foaming striking color is a mixture of flashes salmon, yellow and silver, fine and persistent bubbles. The nose is fruity, yet somewhat floral, elegant, and complex background perceived soft aromas of freshly baked bread. The palate is fruity, persistent, balanced acidity, good body and long finish.


Alcohol: 13 %VOL
Total acidity: 6,95 G/L en tartárico
PH: 3,2
Residual Sugar: 5,24 G/L
Production: 1.300 cajas x 6 unidades
Winemaker, Leonardo Puppato


Removing and clusters must with a pneumatic press integers, without stripping. Fettle to 24 hours, with added enzymes and helps cool. Fermentation with selected between 14 and 15 ° C for 10-15 days, obtaining a base low alcohol sparkling wine (+/- 11.7% v / v) and nice acidity (+/- 7.0 gr / yeast lt). It stays on the lees for 4 months until the completion of the various cuts. Transfer to the factory cuvée sparkling. Added sugar and selected yeast Saccharomyces bayanus. Tempe fermentation at low-temperatures (between 14 and 15 ° C) in autoclaves (resistant to high pressure tanks). Maintenance on lees for at least 12 months at low temperature and performing the stirring of the lees once a week. Adding expedition liqueur, cold stabilization and bottling with isobaric filler. Stowage of 4 months in bottle before going to market.